Maggie Lupiani Gray

I could not more emphatically recommend Jen and Paws Fur Purrpuss. We happened upon Jen after seeing her car with decal and it has been such a treat for the whole family ever since! Jen had an immediate connection with Missy, our standard poodle. We just have to say to Missy that 'Jen is coming today!' for her to run to the window tail wagging. Jen is enthusiastic and genuinely has a love for animals which really shows in her interactions with the dogs. We love the picture updates we receive whenever Missy goes for her play-dates. For a recent vacation, we didn't want to leave Missy with anyone else. We got daily updates on how 'Missy's vacation' was going and it seemed like she was having the time of her life! Jen--THANK YOU!

Kylie Larson