About Us


About Paws Fur Purrpuss


Founded in 2012, Paws Fur Purrpuss (PFP) is a customized animal care provider. We believe that every animal in your life is a unique being and deserves unique care. We craft all of our services to fit your pet's individual and family needs. Our services focus on optimizing your pet's quality of life by providing exercise, structure, and respect. We also recognize that in today's fast-paced world, families need a bit more help. We offer in-home services and transport services. We come to you and we take your pets where they need to go. Plus, all of our play dates (a signature service of ours!) include pickup and drop off. 

We are a LLC located in Forest Park, IL and we serve the surrounding Chicagoland area. PFP is licensed and insured. 

About Our Team

Jennifer Lawlor

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Jennifer has a long history of caring for animals. She grew up on a 62 acre farm handling dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, fish, horses, and cows. Her formative experiences with animals of all types, particularly with rescue animals, planted the seed for what would become Paws Fur Purrpuss (PFP). After 20 years working outside of the animal care world, Jennifer formed a plan to finally lay the groundwork for PFP.

In April 2012, Jennifer took her love, compassion, and knowledge of animals and combined it with her experience in sales and entrepreneurship to launch PFP. She loves spending every day playing with animals and making a difference in their lives. When she's not caring for others' pets, she devotes her time to her three rescues: Sasha, Petey, and Honey. 

Sonia Fernandez

Sonia moved to Chicago in May of 2015—just her and her dog. She was stressed about her pup's long days at home while she was at work. Soon after she saw Jen and pup pack out at a park and the rest is history! She immediately asked for Jen to help her and her dog out at home. After awhile, Jen and Sonia formed a bond and Sonia started helping Jen out at PFP. Sonia notes that her days with PFP don't feel like work! She loves being a member of the PFP team. Each day she wakes up and knows that she's going to spend time with the dogs; she knows that with the drool and mud it might not always be glamorous, but it will always be rewarding. She loves what she does, the team she works with, and the pack pups (above all!) each hold a special place in her heart.

Sandy Fredericks

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Sandy has grown up with pets all her life. She has always had an undying love for animals, especially her pups at home. While walking her own dogs, Sandy thought it would be great to start walking other dogs in the community. Sandy met Jen in June 2018 and it changed her life drastically. One always hears that work can be stressful and stress inducing, but for Sandy it does the complete opposite. Working with Jen and the lovely pups has been a stress relief especially right before moving in for her first year of college. Work never feels like a task and at the end of the day the work is very rewarding. The bonds created with all of the dogs and the rest of the team is remarkable and that makes working at PFP even more delightful.

Giving Back

PFP believes in animal rescue: wild or domestic, whether they are on the endangered list or on the street, in captivity or in a shelter. We aim to fight for animals' right to have a long and peaceful life. We donate 2% of our proceeds to the ASPCA, National Wildlife Federation, and PETA. All of our team members also donate 1% or more of their earnings to the cause of their choice.